School Closure

As you may be aware, the Minister for Education has announced that all schools in Wales will close
from Friday 20th March.

Staff in school have been working hard to make preparations for closure in order to provide some continuity for your child’s learning. To support your child at home we will be doing the following:
Providing your child with a book (learning journal) in which they can complete and record tasks that teachers set for them. The front of this book will contain two very important pieces of information:
1. A unique12-letter PIN for them to access their individual account using the Seesaw app.
2. Their personal log-in information (username and password) for their Hwb account
We will send an individualised text to all of our family contacts with this information for you to keep safe.
Teachers will set work for pupils using the Seesaw app. This will include a weekly overview that sets out:
 A weekly (or fortnightly) core task that will require pupils to use a range of cross curricular skills to complete
 A series of literacy and numeracy skill tasks to reinforce previous learning
 A weekly life-skill task e.g. involving cooking, gardening, collaboration with others etc
 A series of learning ideas for pupils to explore

Pupils will be able to complete work electronically (using tools on Hwb or within the Seesaw app) or using their learning journal. They can upload photographs of their work to Seesaw for their teacher to see.

All weekly planning will be posted on Twitter and every class page via the website, please visit:

Classes/Dosbarthiadau - select class; School Closure Home Learning and select appropriate Week.

As you can appreciate, this is new territory for all of us and this process will evolve over time. However, I am sure that together we can support pupils during this challenging time successfully.

Mr A Brasington

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